The Soon To Come Lorac Pro 2 Palette!

  Hey lovelies! Just a quick update on some exciting news. Lorac Cosmetics has been hinting at the idea of a Lorac Pro 2 palette for some time now, and finally they’ve revealed it! Although it isn’t available for sale just yet, they’ve given us a few glimpses of the palette in all it’s glory! […]

Tools For The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is probably one of the trickiest things to get a handle on outside of false eyelashes. The trick is understanding the shape of your eyes and having a steady hand, but the tools you use can either make the task easier or more difficult. Since I decided that I absolutely can’t stand the many […]

MAC’s “Candy Yum Yum” Lipstick Dupe

I’m not so crazy about makeup that I want to find the dupe for every single high end product that I own. I couldn’t imagine how much time that would take. Still, finding a dupe for any product I deem to be an absolute favorite is like getting a 50% off discount code that never […]

Spring 2014 Beauty Countdown: Day Four

Ya know that moment when someone walks past you , leaving behind an amazing smell lingering in the air. I absolutely love that moment. I’ve never had the nerve to ask someone what perfume they wear, something about it seems so intimate, because really, no one scent is used in the same combination by two […]

Spring 2014 Beauty Countdown: Day Three

Lets face it, spring is a pretty wet season, filled with heavy rain clouds, but I learned in elementary school that April showers bring May’s flowers. A more mature version of that saying is the fact that mother nature requires these things, so it’s up to us to compromise in anticipation for hot summer days […]

Spring 2014 Beauty Countdown: Day Two

Lipstick is just one product that I can’t get enough of. Every season, I push the envelope a bit more, and whenever I buy a new lipstick, I force myself to try something I’ve been too chicken to wear before. For a long time, I was terrified of pink lipstick. I’m not sure why, but […]

Spring 2014 Beauty Countdown: Day One

One of the things that I look the most forward to every spring season is nail polish. The shelves at the nail salon get completely revamped with all the latest O.P.I and Essie collections for the upcoming season! Everyone begins to buzz (even the terrifying bees) as spirits begin to lift as winers temperatures slowly […]

Cuticle Oils: A Beauty Necessity!

When I was in High School, my favorite part of the day was the morning train ride to school. It was the perfect display of seemingly fabulous New Yorkers in rare form; everyone is tired, hair is wet, women are swiping blush across their cheeks in compacts while keeping balance and others are using the […]

MAC Lipstick Dupes: “Blankety”

Ya know how every woman is obsessed with finding the perfect Little Black Dress? Well, I’m obsessed with finding the perfect Nude Lipstick! I go through seasons where I really love a nude color for a while and then one day its just too pale, or too brown. There are really one two nude colors […]